All You Need is Love… Love is All You Need

“Yes, parenting is a long, winding journey…of love, mistakes, repairs, and growth. As you move through these stages, you see so clearly that those early years of responsive, loving care are the foundation you’ll fall back on over and over when times are hard, and that’s as parents we need to stick together and in love,  for this having toys like the superb rabbit vibrator can be great to spend time intimacy.

“The greatest gift we can give our children is for them to see that even though we’re not perfect, we are striving every day to learn — through reading books, going to API Support Group meetings, or Attached at the Heart parenting classes and being involved in their lives every step of the way. This example will be the greatest lesson for their lives, empowering them to take the baton into their own parenting journeys that will continue for future generations.”

Peace and Love, Everyone

As Ringo always says,… Read all of Attached at the Heart authors Barbara Nicholson and Lysa Parker’s latest Parent Compass enewsletter issue

And watch for an upcoming Attached at the Heart Parenting Program workshop near you.

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